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Latissimus Dorsi

Latissimus Dorsi by Rickie H! The lats, I know you’ve heard of them whether it be from the lat towers, wide backed bodybuilders, football stars or anyone who needs to be wide. The Latissimus Dorsi aka “lats” are the single headed, outer most muscle of the back right below and behind the armpit. It is […]

Franco Columbu

Franco Columbu is one of the most accomplished men of the 20th century. He is a/an avid bodybuilder, great artist, successful actor, licensed chiropractor, expert nutritionist, licensed in sports medicine personnel, a kinesiology agent, and so much more. A lot of his success is owed to his raging work ethic and undoubtable determination. From his […]

Positive Nitrogen Balance, Hormone Manipulation and Recovery: Critical Factors to your Bodybuilding Success by Jim Brewster

This is an article written by JIM BREWSTER – BuyBulkWhey.com In the Field Correspondent. Open up any bodybuilding magazine and you usually see pretty much the same articles recycled over and over,often offering little if anything new. Oh, sure, there are some decent articles every so often, but how often do you see an article […]