This is an article written by RICKIE HATHAWAY – In the Field Correspondent.

MSG began being isolated in 1907 and was patented by a corporation in japan in 1909.MSG debuted in the United States in 1947 as a “flavor enhancer”.Since its American debut it has been studied only to find that it can be devastating to one’s health.Short term side effects of MSG can range from asthmatic reactions to headaches and long term side effects can be even worse and range from weakness to increased heart rate and possibly death.

The most common foods in America that contain MSG are condiments like salad dressing and barbecue sauces,flavored potato chips,and especially chain fast food restaurants. MSG comes as a crystalline white powder and is currently made by the fermentation of carbohydrates using bacterial species. Food companies can hide MSG easily because it is highly soluble in water and can avoid listing it in the ingredients by items that are a source of free glutamine such as “hydrolyzed protein”. MSG is dangerous and difficult to find in today’s world due to stealthy tricks used by companies but should be avoided at pretty much all costs,after reading all this one question remains; Is that flavor really worth it?



Big Andy’s Opinion:

I found this article very interesting… When I eat foods with MSG I get a puffy feeling, also congestion and headaches. Just my two cents