Here is a super high calorie mega gainer shake for those “Hard Gainers”. We have gotten so many request for recipes like this that we decided we better turn out a few videos in this category.

Here’s the recipe:

8oz to 12 oz – WHOLE milk
8 oz – Vanilla Ice Cream
4 TBSP – Peanut Butter
1 TBSP – Extra Virgin Olive Oil (or Safflower Oil)
1 – Large Banana
4 TBSP – Chocolate Syrup
2 Scoops – BuyBulkWhey Whey Protein (heaping scoops)

Total Calories 1443
Protein : 77 g
Carbs: 163 g
Fat: 65 g

remember the fat is mostly from olive oil and PB… so you are getting mostly good fats.