Article by Rickie H.

glucose molecule

glucose molecule

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for all life. No matter if it’s a human consuming over 300 grams of carbs daily or plants making their own carbs from the sunlight carbs are everywhere! The carbs we consume and the carbs plants make are not usually the same carbs however due to the fact of two types of carbs existing. In this article we will explore the differences in complex and simple carbohydrates.

First off simple carbs. Simple carbs are quick burning spurts of energy, this is because simple carbs are almost always sugars. This doesn’t mean that simple carbs are bad however. There are two main groups of simple carbs, good sugars and bad sugars. The best kinds of simple carbs are natural and unprocessed such as bananas, apples, pears, grapefruits, etc. Simple carbs are great for you and are often used by people trying to loose weight because they offer a low calorie energy boost. On the flip side bad sugars are fake and added to foods for flavor. Bad sugars include fudge, cake, candy, pop, etc. Bad sugars are usually the last thing you should eat, especially when dieting. Most of your bad sugars are calorie packed and have little to no micronutrient value.

Complex carbohydrates are a whole new category. While they are still technically a sugar, they are very different type…starches. Starches are slower digesting and hence slower burning carbs. They provide a continuous energy source over a long run. They won’t have you hyped up and jittery like simple sugars but rather keep you up and at ‘em for possibly hours at a time. We all know pasta has a reputation for being carb packed, and complex carbs are the carb its packed with. Pasta is a very rich source of complex carbs but they may also be found in rice, bread, cereal, and oatmeal. Most of these foods contain a few nutrients, most complex carbs contain more nutrients than any simple carb. Most of your carbs should be complex and considering about 50-60% of your diet should consist of carbs you should have a lot of complex carbs in the diet.,,249_156580,00.html