I had a chance recently to sit down with the CEO and inventory of Fit Wrapz.  If you haven’t had a Fit Wrapz… you haven’t lived!  Fit Wrapz are probably the healthiest burritos on the market with the ideal macro nutrient ratios and also the YUMMIEST!

I had initially tried the Fit Wrapz at our local Gold’s Gym and from the first bite I couldn’t get enough.  Here is a pretty quick interview with Shige Toyoguchi CEO AKA “Big Shug”.  To see the incarnation story check out Fit Wrapz

Fit Wrapz Logo

Fit Wrapz Burritos Logo

Shige Toyoguchi founder of Fit Wrapz

Shige Toyoguchi founder of Fit Wrapz

BBW : What’s your position with Fit Wrapz?
Big Shug : Founder and President

BBW : Why did you decide to introduce Fit Wrapz into the community?
Big Shug : I want to make a difference in the way our community eats.  I realized that I had a great positive impact on my personal training clients in educating them on how to eat properly.  I want to be able to share that positive educational influence with a larger audience.  Teach our community what they need to do to feed their bodies well.

BBW : What is so different about Fit Wrapz than any other wrap?
Big Shug : Straight and simple, company motto: COMPLETE, NUTRITIOUS, SAVORY.  I challenge you to find another wrap that has all three to offer.  There are plenty of wraps/burritos that taste damn good but sure aren’t nutritious.  There are plenty of wraps that are super delicious but are WAYYY to high in fat and protein/calories, etc. And are not nutritious.  There are also many wraps that are very nutritious but are analogous to an old fashion power bar.  Good for you but hard to swallow.  When I say complete, Fit Wrapz are engineered to meet or exceed American Dietetic Association standards on their macronutrient breakdown.  Each Fit Wrap has the proper amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, to keep you satisfied, energized, and smiling inside.

BBW : Does Fit Wrapz offer more than one flavor?

Fit Wrapz Production

Production run at the University of Idaho cGMP Commercial Kitchen

Big Shug : Fit Wrapz comes in four signature varieties.  Famous Green Chili, Tangy Teriyaki, Southwest BBQ, and the NEW BreakFitz Breakfast wrap.  The Chili, Teriyaki, and BBQ wrapz are made with local fresh flour tortillas, antibiotic-free chicken breast meat, low fat part-skim mozzarella cheese, long grain brown rice and their respective hand mad marinades.  The marinades include ingredients like fresh diced onions, cilantro, minced garlic, and many spices!   BreakFitz contain Lean ground turkey, fresh diced red bell peppers, yellow onions, diced green chilies, egg whites, oil free hash browns, low fat part-skim mozzarella cheese, and a blend of Shige’s seven secret spices.

BBW : Where is Fit Wrapz located and produced?
Big Shug : I utilize the commercial kitchen at the University of Idaho Food Technology Center in Caldwell, Idaho located at 908 E Chicago St.  We are considered a manufacturer and wholesaler so we do not have a brick and mortar quick service restaurant yet.  Coming in the near future though.

BBW : What is the advantage for people to consume Fit Wrapz as opposed to another “Grab and Go” meal?
Big Shug : They are locally made, hand-made, they have been engineered to be a complete, nutritious, and savory meal.  They are designed to keep you satisfied while providing a high amount of complete protein, low in fat and sugars, and good amount of fiber.  In lieu of all of this they are delicious and super convenient!  It’s like getting a home cooked meal on the go!  Try driving while eating a home-made meal.

BBW : What has been the overall response to Fit Wrapz since you launched it?
Big Shug : The response has been excellent!  For the first couple of years I kept it very quiet because I knew I did not have the capacity to keep up with production out of my home.  Now that we are in a commercial facility and have begun to do some small marketing campaigns it is spreading virally and organically throughout the community.

BBW : How difficult was it to start Fit Wrapz?
Big Shug : I could go back to school and get a four year degree in how to do what I have figured out on my own over the past four years.  Starting a perishable, high risk, ready to eat food manufacturing business has been quite the rapid learning experience with MANY bumps.  Thank god my body is a 4-wheeler.

BBW : What challenges have you seen in running a health conscious food company?
Big Shug : Convincing people that they NEED to change the way they currently eat and justify spending the extra money for their CHILDREN too! I’ve had many clients who purchase Fit Wrapz for their selves but hide them from their kids and buy them corn dogs from Costco.  Very frustrating.

BBW : How have you been promoting Fit Wrapz sales?
Big Shug : Promotion via social media outlets (Facebook, twitter, YouTube). Word of mouth, business interviews, incentivized sales, E-store, wholesale distribution and POS marketing materials, co branding campaigns with Gold’s Gym and Tully’s Coffee.  Giveaways with shirts/sticker/etc.

BBW : What is the best selling Fit Wrapz flavor?
Big Shug : They all sell well.  Quantitatively speaking they are fairly balanced in total sales.  Famous Green Chili was top seller for years, Teriyaki caught up, now BBQ and BreakFitz are on top!

BBW : What are the advantages and disadvantages to consuming a Fit Wrapz product as opposed to another “wrap?”
Big Shug :The advantages are having a quick, convenient, and delicious meal in your hand while you drive, work, or play!  Fit Wrapz are balanced to meet ADA (American Dietetics Association) recommendations for Carbohydrates, protein, and fat balance.  They can be kept frozen for several months without losing any quality or taste.  They are portable nutrition devices.  They are the RIGHT amount of calories for meal consumption rather than the most amount of calories.  Fit Wrapz are made from scratch with the freshest ingredients including antibiotic-free chicken breast, fresh minced cilantro and onions, and handpicked spices.  The only disadvantage to eating a Fit Wrap is for people who do not want to treat their body well. These will make you smile…inside and out.

BBW : What makes Fit Wrapz work so well?
Big Shug : We are filling a very important void in society.  QUICK, HEALTHY, COMPLETE, YUMMY food that can be eaten on the go anywhere within minutes without sacrificing the home-made goodness of making wraps on your own!  Also knowing that they are engineered by a passionate, educated, tenured fitness professional with 7 years of Health Science college experience, 11 years of personal training and nutritional counseling, and someone who has a SERIOUS agenda for making a difference in changing the way AMERICA eats.  Fit Wrapz….changing the way we eat one wrap at a time.

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