This is an article written by RICKIE HATHAWAY – In the Field Correspondent.

Part One

A crucial part of gaining muscle is having the equipment to do it. Granted you can do pushups and other exercises without and equipment, you just can’t work the entire body without the aid of a machine. Weight benches, power towers, squatting boxes…they can be complicated if you don’t know what your wanting to work and how much you want to spend.

Part 1-machines…

There are plenty of machine types ranging from specialty machines to entire home gyms but you will mainly encounter only three or four types.

Specialty machines are specially designed to do one single(sometimes two but usually no more) exercise but they dominate that 1,squatting racks for example are made for…well squatting and they do it well but if you wanted to work your Pecs for example a squatting rack wouldn’t do much good. These machines can use stacks or free weights.

Multipurpose machines usually consist of a bench with attachments such as a lat tower or leg curling attachment. They are made to do multiple exercises but since you get a gain in quantity you usually lose a bit of quality in these exercises. These machines can work a large group of muscles but it can still be a challenge to work the entire body on one of these machines. These machines usually use free weights or resistance bands but can use stacks.

Home gym systems are usually very bulky powerhouse machines but can integrate just about every exercise one can imagine. They usually consist of an octagon or hexagonal shape with the weights in the middle and each face having a machine of its own. These machines usually use stack weights and can sometimes use free weights