This is an article written by RICKIE HATHAWAY – In the Field Correspondent.

Stretching is a key part of fitness, even in the bodybuilding industry.  People who do not stretch have very limited ranges of motion(or flexibility) and sometimes cannot do an entire rep of an exercise.  The range of motion (or flexibility) can be improved tenfold by simple and quick stretches.

Stretching before major workout whether they be for endurance of strength purposes reduces the odds of a pulled muscle or strain but not only that there are many benfits including,but not limited to, increased blood circulation and increased energy levels due to the increase in circulation.

Stretching can be divided into a very few key muscles, in any event you should stretch the back, calfs, hamstrings, groin and shoulders.  Stretches generally do not require a machine or equipment of any kind so stretching is very fast and easy and can be done anywhere.

Not stretching can result in pulled or over tensioned joints, limited mobility, poor performance due to muscles resistance to extension and many others.

Fun ways to see just how stretchy you are can be trying to do a split, a backbend,even touching ones toes can be a great accomplishment, there can also be benefits you and someone else can enjoy *wink wink* so who knows what can become of you if you increase your range of motion and flexibility.


Big Andy’s Opinion:

I really enjoy stretching at the end of my workout.  I prefer to warm-up with the weights and then cool down with a stretch.  I feel stronger doing it that way.