Entries for January, 2011

Latissimus Dorsi

Latissimus Dorsi by Rickie H! The lats, I know you’ve heard of them whether it be from the lat towers, wide backed bodybuilders, football stars or anyone who needs to be wide. The Latissimus Dorsi aka “lats” are the single headed, outer most muscle of the back right below and behind the armpit. It is […]

Protein Poisoning

Protein Poisoning by Rickie H!!! I’ve often wondered about the myths of “protein poisoning”. I’m sure most of you guys have wondered about it too but after some research I have most if not all the answers we have been lusting for. First off, protein poisoning is real. It’s real and it’s potentially fatal in […]


Carbohydrates Article by Rickie H. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for all life. No matter if it’s a human consuming over 300 grams of carbs daily or plants making their own carbs from the sunlight carbs are everywhere! The carbs we consume and the carbs plants make are not usually the same carbs […]

Salt and Sodium

Ariticle by Rickie H! Let’s face it, most of us like salt. It’s a necessary mineral to sustain life but when used in excess like today’s world salt can cause major harm to the body. Why do we need it however? What causes it to harm us? Salt in today’s world comes in 3 forms; […]