Entries for December, 2008

whey protein comparison

We had a customer email in and ask “why do the brand name tubs of whey protein say 100% whey protein, but when you read the ingredients label there is all sorts of non-whey ingredients in there?” This is a great question. This is part of marketing to influence your purchase. When you see “100% […]

Strawberry Orange Smoothie with Whey Protein

This is an awesome strawberry protein smoothie that is on the tart side. 2 to 3 cups fresh strawberry 8 oz Orange Juice 8 oz ice 2 scoops whey protein We tried this smoothie a few different ways. Instead of OJ, we substituted Pineapple-Banana-Orange Juice and it was crazy good! We also did a half […]

Home Made Protein Ice Cream with Whey protein

CW from Texas took a recipe for “blender made ice cream” from the blendtec.com website and asked us if we could convert it into protein ice cream. Let me tell you… it was GOOD! We modified the original recipe, because we love chocolate, but I imagine this could be modified in several different ways. Here’s […]